CEMOR Smart for 1/2/3 x up to 24'' monitors

CEMOR Smart can accommodate up to 3 x 24'' monitors. The CEMOR Smart system is characterized by the low weight of the monitor bracket and the gap-free mounting of multiple monitors.

The choice of support arm depends on the number of adapted monitors, the respective monitor weight and the desired reach: VALiA S offers a reach of up to 2100 mm, VALiA C a reach of up to 3200 mm. The payload is determined by the choice of spring arm. There is a choice of MD21+ with a payload of up to 21 kg, MD26+ with up to 26 kg, and VALiA MD44+ with up to 44 kg.

The system is designed so that all relevant cables (Power, DVI, HDMI, BNC, ...) with connectors can be pulled through the system. The body on the back offers enough space for an external power supply unit (PSU/Power Supply Unit), excess cables as well as accessories.

CEMOR Smart can be variably equipped with front and side handles. These handles protect the valuable displays from collisions and allow smooth movement. 




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CEMOR Smart 1-fold, 1-fold/+1, 2-fold, 2-fold/+1

CEMOR Smart ist eine spezielle Monitorträgerlösung mit geringem Gewicht für diagnostische Anwendungen